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Make Your Home Renovation Easier with a Skip Bin Hire

Renovating your home is going to create a lot of waste. If the renovation is small enough, you may have considered taking the rubbish to the tip or dump yourself. But, that involves a lot of hassle and frustration. You need to know what materials you can tip and which ones require special handling. Plus, you will need to pay for the tip or dump fee. For less stress, the most logical solution for disposing of that rubbish is hiring a skip bin.

Make Your Home Renovation Easier with a Skip Bin Hire


Having a single place to put the renovation waste will be convenient. That means you make a single run out of the home and place the rubbish in the skip. And many skips have doors that allow you to run a wheel barrow directly inside so that unloading is easier.

The skip bin company will also deliver and pick-up the skip bin at a given time. That way, you don’t need to wait around for someone to deliver the bin. Also, you don’t need to go through the trouble of taking the renovation waste to the tip or dump site. You can concentrate on completing the renovation work and getting your home back in order as soon as possible.

Proper waste disposal

A lot of materials taken from a renovation project can be recycled, while some of it needs to be disposed of in very specific ways. When you hire a skip bin, you can have the waste sent to a recycling center or disposed of according to local regulations. That will give you peace of mind that the materials are being handle properly and that the minimum amount of waste is going into a landfill.

Proper waste disposal requires that you put only approved materials in the skip bin. The hire company will give you a list of what is allowed and what is not. They can also advise you of disposal of unauthorized materials.

Cost effective

You might think that hiring a skip bin is expensive. However, trying to do it yourself is going to cost you a lot of time and money. You will need to take time to take the waste to the dump site. Plus you are going to have to pay the tip fee as well. When you count the value of your time and the tip fees, hiring a skip bin is actually the more cost effective option.

When you hire a skip, you pay a flat fee. As long as you only have approved materials in the skip, that flat fee is the price you will pay. The hire company covers the cost of the tip or dump from the fee you paid.

Keeps waste organised

During a renovation, you will produce a lot of waste. It is important to sort out the waste as it comes out of the building. Some materials will go directly into the skip bin. Others may need to be set aside for special handling. If you are producing a lot of different materials, the skip bin hire company may recommend having more than one skip, each handling a different type of material.

By having a skip bin on site, you can keep the materials organised. That makes it easier to get the materials off site and properly disposed of.

Easy to budget for

You hire a skip bin for a flat fee. As long as the materials you place in the bin are authorised and you don’t overload the bin, you will have no further charges on the skip. That flat fee makes it easier to manage the cost of waste disposal in your renovation budget.

It is important to speak with a waste specialist when planning your renovation. That expert can assess the amount of waste your project will produce and what types of materials may be involved. The specialist can then recommend the appropriate size bin and whether a single bin will be enough for the types of materials involved. You will get a quote so you can set aside the appropriate funds for the skip bin hire.

Protects the environment

You can hire skip bins to handle specific forms of waste. For example, you can use a skip exclusively for green waste, including trimmings, twigs, branches and small tree trunks. You can use a skip for excavation materials like dirt and clay. When you fill a bin with specific materials, they can be sent off for recycling. That keeps them out of the landfill and protects the environment at the same time.

Keeping the waste confined to a skip bin also prevents potential pollutants from entering the soil or water. Some materials taken from a structure contains potential pollutants. Putting it on the ground allows those pollutants to soak into the soil or run off with rain. Confining the waste to the skip bin helps prevent this type of contamination.


Waste taken out of a renovation project can be dangerous. Sharp metal edges can cut flesh. Nails sticking up from a scrap of timber can go through the bottom of a shoe. Broken glass can pierce the skin. Trying to keep the job site safe is difficult if you are stacking this type of waste on the ground.

A skip bin makes it easy to keep the work site safe from renovation waste. All authorised materials can be sorted into the bin. Close the doors and it keeps the work site safe. Those working on your home renovation project should ensure all materials get place in the bin and don’t land on the surrounding surface.

If you are in the midst of planning your renovation, be sure to call about a skip bin hire before you start. They can help you find the best size bin for the project and can schedule delivery when its convenient for you. You can keep the renovation space clear of debris and prevent injuries caused by construction waste. Give us a call here at Action Bins if you need to hire a skip bin for your home renovation project.

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